Vintage Travel Postcards

August 26, 2014–Looking for design inspiration can be a fun and rewarding past time. Since my wife and I like to travel and check out antique stores there is plenty of ephemera to be found. At almost every little shop you’ll find old postcards. Usually priced for a budget minded designer looking for good source material. Check out some old vintage postcard souvenir folders printed on linen paper. Lots of these were printed. There were two prolific companies, Haynes and Curtis. The Curt Teich Company was one of the biggest producers of postcards with similar look and feel to the souvenir picture folders.

In addition to printing with the usual CYMK colors, a lighter blue was sometimes used to give the images extra punch.

Even though the images on linen cards were based on photographs, they contained lots of handwork by the production artist. It is notable that they were to be the last postcards to show any touch of the human hand on them. Soon pure photographic cards became the norm.
One of my favorite postcards is the Chico, Ca by Curt Teich. It has the vintage letters with inset images of my Alma mater.


Many other favorites are of the many National Parks. The beauty is the marriage of typography and over saturated color images.

Here are some samples:









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