Metal Gourmet Marketing to an Emerging Industry


Telling the Metal Gourmet Story.

Developing a website is a lot more than posting pages of information. In the case of Metal Gourmet it became as much about establishing a brand identity and marketing to an emerging industry. The site would allow Airtronics to tell its story in a way that will substantiate credentials as a new supplier to the Mobile Food Industry.




The design tells the story using the power of suggestion to convey key marketing message points, and includes “Implied Navigation” within the site to stimulate interactive involvement. Traditional navigation hierarchy is also there as needed. But Marketing Message Modules would help the viewer pull relevant messaging, rather than push product specifications. I led the team in developing an presenting messaging and wire frame layouts. The early by-in by the client allowed the rest of the design process to flow.

Metal Gourmet Logo Design

The logo concept developed as part of the early wireframes. It was simple, it was Metal Gourmet’s signature of quality and craftsmanship.

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