RazDog Cloud Motion


Developed and presented wireframe designs that defined the User Experience for RazDog’s innovative Cloud Motion. Designed demo sites to demonstrate their cutting edge way to deliver content and enhance the user experience. Delivered graphic elements and guidelines for Razdog’s backend developers.


Icon Development for Cloud Motion Click and Swipe

There’s a lot of change in the way we think about navigation these days. A real move toward a linear sequential flow. Mobile phones and tablets, with their touch screens, have lead the way. There’s a stickiness to it all. Sticky is great when it comes to websites and the user experience. I recently worked with RazDog’s CEO and his developers to design their website and brand presence.

Key was understanding the page flow and building in a icon/button secondary navigation that serves as a active page marker. It had always been my goal when working on the User Interface to design an intuitive experience. An implied navigation that the user easily glides through with ease. The Razdog software brings the user experience closer to that level of UX. Click-n-Slide page navigation is a new way to look at page navigation on the web.

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